Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How I blog?

Cocorrina asked her readers how they blog. 
She’s one of my favorites! I change my desktop every now and then with her designs, and the interesting thing is that usually her designs go with my daily flow of thoughts! Interesting, nah? I know!

How do I blog?

Let me start like this. If I don’t blog, I write in my journal. And I think writing is one of the things you have to force yourself to do, after sometimes you get so used in it that it becomes like a daily meditation. It helps you to get a better understanding of yourself and also tell you what? YOU will be others inspiration! Yes! For me, one of my inspirations are the ones who keep blogging or posting on instagram, etc. 

My other inspiration is music. If you look at my last.fm, you can see it! Of course beside my Spotify I use 8tracks, grooveshark and jango which is not scrobbling on my last.fm

Tumblr is also an inspiration. For nature I have to say the most! More than everything. My inspiration for writing or creating in nature can be too much that even thinking about it makes me inspired.
I have never ever scheduled my posts. Maybe that’s why sometimes I write too much, and sometimes I don’t.

But I know that the blogs which have their own way of thought, or are creating designs and ideas on daily basis can be more popular and more inspiring. People are inspired by those blogs most of the times.
I mean you have to have a clear theme. Like in life! :) 

Now I am asking you gherties, how do you blog? 

Love Love Love.xo

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Plan for a miracle*

I MUA  is the song that I am listening to right now.

I will go to the volcano
Melt my heat in Mauna keas snow.
I will go to the volcano
Melt my heat in Mauna keas snow.
Get waist deep, yeah get barreled.
All the gifts returned tenfold
I will go to the volcano.
I will go to the volcano.
Melt my heart in Mauna keas snow
Melt my heart in Mauna keas snow.
Hell, good thing i don’t require much.
Makes it easier to move and stand straight up.
A little tough love and the gentle touch.
The more i struggle the more I’m stuck.
The less i speak the more i know.
The faster i move the slower i go.
I will go to the volcano.      
Melt my heart in Mauna kea’s snow!

Lately I am reading a book about “JOY”.  You might have read it. In the first half of the book, it talks about the difference between joy, happiness, pleasure and bliss. And how easily we can mixed their meaning with each other. We think we are happy, but it’s only pleasure. We think it’s a moment of joy, but it’s the one and only moment of bliss.
It’s so interesting.
For some reason I love to spend my whole life learning about these stuff about myself.

What about you? Can you distinguish these from each other in your life?

This weekend was relaxing. On Saturday, it rained the whole morning. Sadaf came here around 4, and we went to have a “huge” lunch in Bagdad Caddesi. We were hungry as if we had been stoned for couple of hours! LOL. At night we were dead tired.

Today I went to yoga. Guys, believe me or not I am getting much more better!!! I may start Ashtanga yoga soon. And we have started kicking our legs off the mat and sending them one by one to the air in addition to start hand stand! I am so excited (Happiness:D) 

Also with Ozge and Sam we had started a 30 Day Plank Pose Challenge. You can also start it. I am in third day, and my lower stomach is feeling lively.

Preparing my dear fruit salad;

Maya, looking at the fruit salad; 

Have an awesome week!



* By Osho

Sunday, August 3, 2014

“The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences.” *

Hey ghertis,

Sunday will be over in couple of hours. As u know here we had a five days holiday, then two days of work and again the weekend. I can not believe that it’s over. My disbelief is so strong on some level I wanted to pack everything and go back to Tehran! Not that I hate my job, seriously I don’t hate it. But I just want to spend more time with me. Blogging. Walking in the streets of Istanbul, taking pictures. And day dreaming,…ah! Day dreaming.

Slowly I am collecting everything to apply for MFA . You have no idea how frustrating it can be. One day I am full of hope, the next day I hate all the projects that I have done , and I start to count the money that I must spend and in the exact same moment I see Christopher McCandless 's face in front of me. Then I start to question my purposes in life. And it all end up in 45 minutes of yoga, struggling not to let Maya on my mat. It’s finished by then.

Lately, I see B so far from me. I miss a friend. I just don’t know who. I just need a friend so damn much!
I just want to sit somewhere think about my life, what friends I want to have, where I want to go, what I want to do, and then I want to get stuck in there.

My piece of art - Done couple of years ago - When I know music will be my everything.

But I believe in lobe within me. It moves me to right places each time.


* From Cristopher McCandless book

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Things we forget;

Smart phones are toxic.

Not because they keep you apart from what is out there, nah! Because they make you forget about your camera! And how much fun you can have taking photos with real cameras!

Charge their batteries again. Start using them.



Love you all.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chasing Happiness & freedom

What was it?
Yesterday I called it “Rush of Feelings”.

I don’t know but in the morning I am someone, and in the afternoon, when the moon rays lighten up the bedroom, I can be someone different. Like a ware-wolf.  The problem is I don’t believe in it.

I came to the office so sharp, fresh. By the way I have not given up my 12 days of yoga challenge. Today is the fourth day and my legs are feeling better.
By the evening, something really fucked up happened at work that totally freaked me out. I will not explain in here. But it was one of those moments that I couldn’t help but completely lose my temper.

I came to Istanbul to live free, with no stupid rules above my head, and most of all to feel secure in daily life. But yesterday it was like a sparkle to show me it’s time to leave. 

In the exact day, I came across Rachel ‘s post in Instagram which had explained about her life before she becomes a famous yogi. And how confused she was. And how hopeful she was along the way.
I went home. For the first time I didn’t want to talk to my friends about it. At home, B seemed so far from the point that I was.

I did yoga for one hour. I was so sleepy due to long working hours, I could have done more though. Watching Chasing Mavericks I went asleep.

In the morning I knew that despite me being so emotional about what happened the day before, I have to live like JAY.

I try to send my love and energy to whoever it is to cause me have this line among my eyebrows.

Love you all.

P.S. I have to write to Cat. Gosh I miss her so much. 

P.S. -again- Here I just want to send all my love to Jay who made me so inspired I felt tears coming down from my eyes. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

And it will be alright

Slow down. Take your time. And it will be alright.

Maybe when Imany decided to sing this, she had no idea that it will be alright. For real.

These days I am so damn inspired. Sometimes I am afraid that I might die soon. LOL.

Yes, I get angry. I get angry and I say the worst words that come to my mind. I say them. But in my heart I have this fire of hope that I know it will never fade out.
I see people around me; their problems. Their anger when something goes wrong. Their happiness when they achieve something and so on.

For me yoga and art have become a way to express it all. Colors have become the language. Forms have become my accent. In between all these curves, you can find me. This is how I curve this line. This unique line of my life. With love and passion. Each time I press my both hands on my mat, and I feel the rush of blood under my skin, I know I am alive. Then I will take a deep breath. And I will start it with down ward facing dog. And my spine just gives me this incredible feeling of liveliness.

This is life. Love is all around us. I just can’t wait to give all my love to the next person I run into. If you do not see it, just slow down. Take your time. And it will be alright. 

love to you all. 

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