Thursday, March 21, 2013

Noruz in pictures

Today I had to give a lecture in my Turkish class . And I chose to talk about Noruz .
I talked about 20 minutes ; It was hard but my turkish is getting better and better .

Next week is my exam . I hope I can make it : )
Here are some photos for you guys to see my "Haft-seen" , which had five "seens" instead of seven : )

Hope you enjoy it !





Colored eggs

Sabze (from wheat)

xx . 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Faces in Noruz

Here are some photos of my friends .
Wish them all a happy year !








Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Chapter: Norouz

Hi everyone !
As I'm writing here out new year will begin in 15 hours . And you can't imagine how excited I am.
I don't know if you know anything about Norouz or not . But I found a clip which explains pretty good this awesome day .
For me this is the first year I'm not with my family and it feels .... weird I think. Good weird though.
Each year I plan a list of "to dos" and I put a resolution for that year . And I'm ganna manage this year's list here . So during the year I can always come here and take a look .

1. Run at least three days a week .
2. Color my hair in green .
3. Start my shop in Etsy.
4. Start my site .
5. Practice more in drawing .
6. Practice more in animation.
7. Improving my Turkish.
8. Improving my Spanish.
9. Travel in Turkey (or other places in the world)
10. Buy a digital camera .
11. (maybe) change my laptop.
12. Start to work .
13. Buy that wonderful watch from Six.
14. Be independent from my family (economically) .
15. Change my glasses . (sunglasses too)

I don't want to stop writing , so maybe I'll complete it tomorrow.
I'll also update you with photos later .

Happy Norouz .


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Once upon a time ...

       Before blogging I used to write down everything . Some need to document every single moment of my life! I made short stories about people sitting in the park , couple talking in the next car beside me in traffic jam , my feelings , my goals , friends , art , relationships , etc .

Then I started taking photos . I was dreaming of being a war photographer ! The art of war and capturing the moments was with me for years .
       I grew up in a country (Iran) that freedom is hard to find . Beautiful country , among the most hospitable people & I had to find a way to express myself . With my words , my photos and later on my drawings . And yet there was nowhere I could publish 'em . I had so many photos , so many stories , too many things to share with the world outside . I stared working as a journalist back in my country to get closer to my dreams, to write and tell the world the truth about my country ; Meanwhile I was studying industrial design to find my was in the awesome world of art. But newspapers weren't suitable for me. They didn't accept my stuff. My drawings, photos, articles.
So I started blogging by then . Year 2006 . I blogged for seven years !
Now I have moved to Istanbul . Somehow I've stared a new life here . And therefore I started a new blog. New vision. New perspective.
I hope it can give me inspiration to find my way in life .

Here are some photos of the places that I have sat and enjoyed blogging .


Kish Island (Iran)

My old room (Tehran -Iran)
I saw this article and I thought lets write my side of the story. So what about you? Why did you start blogging?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Decaf Clouds

Crazy . Like Istanbul's weather .
Crazy . Like me. 
But I hope I'm not as crazy as Istanbul weather . It's been raining for two days . It makes me depressed.
I'm learning Maya (Character animating) from one of my friends here . Such a hard software . Of course I'm learning a lot about human's body, the bones & the muscles but on the other hand I'd rather work with my hands . I'd rather make something with my hand . 
I don't know but I need some confirmation on my job , my drawings , my photos which I haven't found here in Istanbul. 
Do you think us as artists need confirmation? Or should be be so strong to live our life no matter how ignorant people around us act? 
I'm losing my self-confidence . 
Below is one of my drawings . Deformation . You can see the lines and how alive they are even though they are representing a dying flower.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sun & Pancakes

Hi to everyone !
For last couple of weeks we didn't have the sun here . I was so desperate and bored. I wasn't inspired at all.
No it's couple of days that the sun is shining with all of its strength . And god knows how much I appreciate it!
So now that the sun is out and shining into the beautiful city of Istanbul , I have started my flicker at last ! My tumblr also .
Today I woke up and made pancakes then I'll be going out to my Turkish course . I have my exam in three weeks , exactly on our new year's eve!

By the way have you ever seen Istanbul ?
I have this board on my pinterest about this beautiful city .

Good day to you all.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hands , The object of my attention

For the first time in my life , when I started to feel something special about art , I felt the exact same thing about my hands. From that moment on , my hands played a very important role in my art .
My sister is pretty good in reading palms (believe it or not!) ; I did lots of photographic projects on hands. And when I started to draw it was one of the hardest thing I've ever drawn .

As Louise Bourgeois said ," I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands."
Yet I think she was pretty much right . Hands are somehow one of those objects that you can work on for a life time . I took this photo like one month ago from my hands.

What about you ?
Have you ever wondered about your hands? What do they look like? What can you do with them?

By the way here is some links I found pretty awesome , check them out :
- 16 ways to get excited about your blog (again)
- Your veil is a battlefield by Kiana Hayeri .
And also , you can check the series of hands-related photos or drawings that I have gathered in my board :
- Las manos .

Good day to you all. Enjoy the sun : )


Monday, March 11, 2013

Start of a magic moment : March

Hi dears , 
I used to be an active blogger , but lately I wasn't inspired at all. I was bored with it . And I missed so many magic moments ; Unfortunately I couldn't share it with you guys . 
So here is some simple place to feel relax , get inspiration and share our happy moments together . 

Yesterday I went near the sea to take pictures. Wonderful weather . Spring is here and I'm all Aries again !
How's Spring in your country?

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