Saturday, March 16, 2013

Decaf Clouds

Crazy . Like Istanbul's weather .
Crazy . Like me. 
But I hope I'm not as crazy as Istanbul weather . It's been raining for two days . It makes me depressed.
I'm learning Maya (Character animating) from one of my friends here . Such a hard software . Of course I'm learning a lot about human's body, the bones & the muscles but on the other hand I'd rather work with my hands . I'd rather make something with my hand . 
I don't know but I need some confirmation on my job , my drawings , my photos which I haven't found here in Istanbul. 
Do you think us as artists need confirmation? Or should be be so strong to live our life no matter how ignorant people around us act? 
I'm losing my self-confidence . 
Below is one of my drawings . Deformation . You can see the lines and how alive they are even though they are representing a dying flower.

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