Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Chapter: Norouz

Hi everyone !
As I'm writing here out new year will begin in 15 hours . And you can't imagine how excited I am.
I don't know if you know anything about Norouz or not . But I found a clip which explains pretty good this awesome day .
For me this is the first year I'm not with my family and it feels .... weird I think. Good weird though.
Each year I plan a list of "to dos" and I put a resolution for that year . And I'm ganna manage this year's list here . So during the year I can always come here and take a look .

1. Run at least three days a week .
2. Color my hair in green .
3. Start my shop in Etsy.
4. Start my site .
5. Practice more in drawing .
6. Practice more in animation.
7. Improving my Turkish.
8. Improving my Spanish.
9. Travel in Turkey (or other places in the world)
10. Buy a digital camera .
11. (maybe) change my laptop.
12. Start to work .
13. Buy that wonderful watch from Six.
14. Be independent from my family (economically) .
15. Change my glasses . (sunglasses too)

I don't want to stop writing , so maybe I'll complete it tomorrow.
I'll also update you with photos later .

Happy Norouz .


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