Sunday, March 17, 2013

Once upon a time ...

       Before blogging I used to write down everything . Some need to document every single moment of my life! I made short stories about people sitting in the park , couple talking in the next car beside me in traffic jam , my feelings , my goals , friends , art , relationships , etc .

Then I started taking photos . I was dreaming of being a war photographer ! The art of war and capturing the moments was with me for years .
       I grew up in a country (Iran) that freedom is hard to find . Beautiful country , among the most hospitable people & I had to find a way to express myself . With my words , my photos and later on my drawings . And yet there was nowhere I could publish 'em . I had so many photos , so many stories , too many things to share with the world outside . I stared working as a journalist back in my country to get closer to my dreams, to write and tell the world the truth about my country ; Meanwhile I was studying industrial design to find my was in the awesome world of art. But newspapers weren't suitable for me. They didn't accept my stuff. My drawings, photos, articles.
So I started blogging by then . Year 2006 . I blogged for seven years !
Now I have moved to Istanbul . Somehow I've stared a new life here . And therefore I started a new blog. New vision. New perspective.
I hope it can give me inspiration to find my way in life .

Here are some photos of the places that I have sat and enjoyed blogging .


Kish Island (Iran)

My old room (Tehran -Iran)
I saw this article and I thought lets write my side of the story. So what about you? Why did you start blogging?

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