Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hands: Chapter 3

“I want your hand without the skin. Bone to bone without the molds. Mouth to mouth, without the porn." 
- Coco J. Ginger

*Photo by me .
*Drawing of the bones by me too . Pen on paper.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Daily dose of Writing

Hi to you all ,

Hope you are fine .
Today I want to write about writing as one of the things you should do every single day .
Beside work , meeting friends , sleep , (maybe) reading book , or checking your facebook account , or in my case flicker , tumblr and blogs ... what else do you do ?!

For me , it's like two months that I'm thinking about start to run again .
Concentrate on my Turkish more , I mean I want to set aside a perfect time for each of those .
I think it will turn out to be one perfect life .
I read this today , and I thought about it as I was preparing a ihlamur tea.
It's true . This year we have to be more organised and set our goals more specific .
At the end , I'm ganna add a list here in which you can think about yours . I picked it up from zenhabits :

  • Stop procrastinating [January]
  • Eat healthier [February]
  • Meditate [March]
  • Exercise [April]
  • Write daily [May]
  • Simplify your day [June]
  • Get organized [July]
  • Declutter [August]
  • Be grateful [September]
  • Reduce/eliminate debt [October]
  • Read more [November]
  • Let go [December] 

    What do you think about? 
    We have three days to start exercising : )

  • Wednesday, April 24, 2013

    Dolunay means fullmoon

    Hi guys , 

    good morning to you all !
    As I'm writing to you the first rays of sun is reaching my bare feet . And it feels just right . 

    Last night my friends came over and I slept pretty late , but today in the morning I'm as energetic as a stalk of whipped asparagus! 
    I was searching for awesome Apps & I found these , thought you might like it too : 

    -My wonderful days lite which is a private diary and it's so cute ! 
    -EyeEm which has several filters for your photos , and again you can apply instagram filters on them. 
    -Voxer which I'm sure you are familiar with it : ) 
    And I'm using a Turkish podcast which I don't think you need it :D 

    Anyway , as you must know about my passion towards Marc Chagall , today I realized that one of my good friends has made an animation about it . And I just loved it . I put the link for you. 

    First photo of my instagram

    Here you go with DOLUNAY
    Hope you like it . 


    Tuesday, April 23, 2013

    Azam Ali : Abode

    My best part of the day is when I come out of the office , after a whole day talking in English and Turkish , I put my earphones and listen to this :

    Still, on the boughs of the trees, there are only crows
    Ah, The flowers are withered 
    There is a madman in the garden
    My heart is like a goblet of fire
    My body is like a stove, it burns
    But there is not even a light in the whole world
    There is not even a light, there is not even a light

    I came from the other side of the world to this place
    Don't tell me the world is beautiful, I don't see its beauty
    Still, there is sorrow in my heart, it is a strong torment
    Don't tell me not to cry
    Don't tell me life is short
    Don't tell me life is short
    Don't tell me life is short

    Which nocturnal mourn, Which nightly summon
    Which spell and magic, Which romantic prayer
    Take me to my home, to my beloved
    From this side of the world to that side
    Take me to my beloved, take me to my beloved

    Which way, Which road
    Which tear, Which moan
    Which cloud and which zenith
    Which tide and which moon
    Take me to my home, to my beloved
    From this side of the world to that side
    Take me to my beloved, take me to my beloved

    Still, convoy of love doesn't reach it's destination 
    We are drowned and our voice doesn't reach the shore
    Doesn't reach the shore

    Still, there are tears in my eyes
    and I gaze at the road (for my beloved)
    There is no sun here, no moon
    How very dark the world is, How very dark the world is

    Which way, Which road
    Which tear, Which moan
    Which cloud and which zenith
    Which tide and which moon
    Take me to my home, to my beloved
    From this side of the world to that side
    Take me to my beloved, take me to my beloved
    Take me to my beloved

    Take me to my beloved .


    Monday, April 22, 2013

    Magical Reality

    Hi guys !

    Sorry I haven't wrote in couple of days , I've been busy . 
    Now that I've found a part time job , I assume I'm more organised than before . Today again I wrote down couple of things that I should do in next couple of months . And I hope I can manage them all . Cuz my last list went pretty well ! 
    I want to start a project ( a long-distance-project) with two good friend of mine : 

    And Niloofar

    They both managed a very successful achievement back in Iran , which was Lily Bloom Photography
    I really admire their job . They both went to USA searching for a new life , following desire of their heart. 

    Tonight I want to start brain storming for a new idea . My only clue is "Distance" .
    What about you ? Do you have anything in mind? Have you ever thought about doing a project from distance? 

    By the way , I've got an  iPod for my birthday from Babak . Now I can take pictures , tweet from wherever, and connect with you guys anytime ! I can also have a load of music tracks which can brings me inspiration and all . So you can follow me there too . 

    Take care guys , 

    Saturday, April 13, 2013

    Back to life of lines

    Back in my country , I always drew . I mean I was famous among my friends for "always having my sketch book with me" ; But here I somehow wasn't inspired .
    But Spring is here . And I'm all the same old Elina , who has her sketch book with her all the time .

    Here are some sketches that lately I've done .

    Hope you like them .

    Out of my imagination.

    A little scene from work.

    A Turkish guy , waiting for ferry.



    Friday, April 12, 2013

    Photos , Photos , Photos .

    He's my inspiration now. 
    It's been like a year and a half that it's like that ... 



    Thursday, April 11, 2013

    As open as a smile

    Today my Turkish teacher said , " Elina , you have the biggest smile on your face these days!"

    (of course she told me that in Turkish)

    Wednesday, April 10, 2013

    Make a wish and place it in your heart

    Hi guys !

    As I'm writing here there's one of those nice sun lights in our house .

    Istanbul under the sunlight . 

    I have a big smile on my face , cause once again I'm surrounded by the magic of Spring .
    They accept me for that job I've told you about . It's a great design and visual company ; Right now I'm participating in an animation program for Çocuk Bayramı (Which means the children's day) as a production assistant .
    I was wishing for that in Norooz !
    Yesterday when I was on my way to home , I recalled this :

    Make a wish and place it in your heart.
    Anything you want.
    Everything you want
    Do you have it? Good.
    And now believe it can come true
    You never know where the next miracles gonna come from.
    The next smile.
    The next wish come true
    But if you believe that it’s right around the corner
    And you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it, to the certainty of it
    You might just get the thing you’re wishing for
    The world is full of magic you just have to believe in it
    So make your wish
    Do you have it?
    Good. Now believe in it. With all your heart.*

    And I believe it! 

    May everyday be bright , and your heart full of light . 


    *From "One Tree Hill" tv series . 

    Friday, April 5, 2013

    Who are you?!

    Hi guys !
    Good morning to you too !

    Figuring out who I am in life is one of my main concern . After lots of soul searching I figured it out .
    But knowing what profession to choose was much more harder than I've ever expected .
    I started with music . Yeah ! I studied music for two years in Tehran Conservatory of music. Then I went to study industrial design in the same city. 4 years of design made me feel as free as possible , I started to think about other people problems , in a bigger perspective I was obsessed with our social conflicts ; therefore I started my job as a journalist ! three years of journalism taught me many things . It was exactly those days that I understood as I'm studying industrial design but I'm so far from artistic world , that was when I started painting again .
    Now I'm a freelancer . And again tired of it . Today they call me from a tv production studio , they want an assistant , and I applied .
    Tomorrow might be the interview day . I don't know .
    All I'm thinking what should I wear?!

    There's a turning point in our lives . I mean there are lots of them . The moment you fall in love , the moment you find what you love to do , the moment you understand the meaning of life , etc.
    It's all awesome .
    It's all about inspiration , positive thinking and being hopeful . Knowing that the best thing that can happen is just right next to you , and you just need to let it come to you . It all can be into existence with a song , with a book , a movie , a painting ... .

    What are your goal? Inspiration aspects?
    Write 'em down today .



    Thursday, April 4, 2013

    Reçel Türevleri*

    Hi guys !
    What's up? 

    My friend (anahita) came to Istanbul for ten days , and everyday I told myself that I'll be updating here then I got so busy that I couldn't . 
    We went to Beşiktaş one day for a nice Turkish breakfast . It was awesome ! The weather is getting warmer and warmer therefore I'm all happy again . 
    By the way my birthday is in 10 days and I can't fade the big smile on my face : ) 
    How was your first week of April?

    *Reçel Türevleri means different kinds of jams . 



    Tuesday, April 2, 2013

    Textures ! Don't go any further !!

    It's a project I've been working on . 
    It's about color's affection on one another in traditional textures. 

    Hope you enjoy it .


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