Saturday, April 27, 2013

Daily dose of Writing

Hi to you all ,

Hope you are fine .
Today I want to write about writing as one of the things you should do every single day .
Beside work , meeting friends , sleep , (maybe) reading book , or checking your facebook account , or in my case flicker , tumblr and blogs ... what else do you do ?!

For me , it's like two months that I'm thinking about start to run again .
Concentrate on my Turkish more , I mean I want to set aside a perfect time for each of those .
I think it will turn out to be one perfect life .
I read this today , and I thought about it as I was preparing a ihlamur tea.
It's true . This year we have to be more organised and set our goals more specific .
At the end , I'm ganna add a list here in which you can think about yours . I picked it up from zenhabits :

  • Stop procrastinating [January]
  • Eat healthier [February]
  • Meditate [March]
  • Exercise [April]
  • Write daily [May]
  • Simplify your day [June]
  • Get organized [July]
  • Declutter [August]
  • Be grateful [September]
  • Reduce/eliminate debt [October]
  • Read more [November]
  • Let go [December] 

    What do you think about? 
    We have three days to start exercising : )

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