Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dolunay means fullmoon

Hi guys , 

good morning to you all !
As I'm writing to you the first rays of sun is reaching my bare feet . And it feels just right . 

Last night my friends came over and I slept pretty late , but today in the morning I'm as energetic as a stalk of whipped asparagus! 
I was searching for awesome Apps & I found these , thought you might like it too : 

-My wonderful days lite which is a private diary and it's so cute ! 
-EyeEm which has several filters for your photos , and again you can apply instagram filters on them. 
-Voxer which I'm sure you are familiar with it : ) 
And I'm using a Turkish podcast which I don't think you need it :D 

Anyway , as you must know about my passion towards Marc Chagall , today I realized that one of my good friends has made an animation about it . And I just loved it . I put the link for you. 

First photo of my instagram

Here you go with DOLUNAY
Hope you like it . 


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