Monday, April 22, 2013

Magical Reality

Hi guys !

Sorry I haven't wrote in couple of days , I've been busy . 
Now that I've found a part time job , I assume I'm more organised than before . Today again I wrote down couple of things that I should do in next couple of months . And I hope I can manage them all . Cuz my last list went pretty well ! 
I want to start a project ( a long-distance-project) with two good friend of mine : 

And Niloofar

They both managed a very successful achievement back in Iran , which was Lily Bloom Photography
I really admire their job . They both went to USA searching for a new life , following desire of their heart. 

Tonight I want to start brain storming for a new idea . My only clue is "Distance" .
What about you ? Do you have anything in mind? Have you ever thought about doing a project from distance? 

By the way , I've got an  iPod for my birthday from Babak . Now I can take pictures , tweet from wherever, and connect with you guys anytime ! I can also have a load of music tracks which can brings me inspiration and all . So you can follow me there too . 

Take care guys , 

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