Friday, April 5, 2013

Who are you?!

Hi guys !
Good morning to you too !

Figuring out who I am in life is one of my main concern . After lots of soul searching I figured it out .
But knowing what profession to choose was much more harder than I've ever expected .
I started with music . Yeah ! I studied music for two years in Tehran Conservatory of music. Then I went to study industrial design in the same city. 4 years of design made me feel as free as possible , I started to think about other people problems , in a bigger perspective I was obsessed with our social conflicts ; therefore I started my job as a journalist ! three years of journalism taught me many things . It was exactly those days that I understood as I'm studying industrial design but I'm so far from artistic world , that was when I started painting again .
Now I'm a freelancer . And again tired of it . Today they call me from a tv production studio , they want an assistant , and I applied .
Tomorrow might be the interview day . I don't know .
All I'm thinking what should I wear?!

There's a turning point in our lives . I mean there are lots of them . The moment you fall in love , the moment you find what you love to do , the moment you understand the meaning of life , etc.
It's all awesome .
It's all about inspiration , positive thinking and being hopeful . Knowing that the best thing that can happen is just right next to you , and you just need to let it come to you . It all can be into existence with a song , with a book , a movie , a painting ... .

What are your goal? Inspiration aspects?
Write 'em down today .




  1. I think you`ve done what many of people always wanted to do! experiencing life in many aspects of it... needs a lot of courage indeed

    1. Thanks , I tried my best . Still sometimes I'm full of doubts.

  2. Thanks , I tried my best . Still sometimes I'm full of doubts.


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