Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July: Go to streets!

Merhaba !
(Turkish people say that instead of Hello)

I know, I know . Pretty long time , huh?

Sometimes in life there's a lot going on and you just can not find the words to explain 'em.
Summer is here in Istanbul. I can not believe how I could pass those six months of clouds , rain and snow. It's the days of short skirts and strappy sandals.

I am having my first painting exhibition in Tehran , in a week and unfortunately I am not there.
Also I am working on a poster of a play , which my dear friend Shadi Shahkhalili is playing in it. It seems pretty busy . Yeah . That's me.

The only thing is unfortunately I have not started running . I have stopped reading books . And I have stopped cooking.
Actually now that I am writing these I am so motivated to start all over again . Each day that passes and you are not doing what you want , I think you had missed a chance.

So I won't be messing with my chances again . Ah! Talking about chances ... Take a look at this post, what do you think?
Let's start making our lists . Put a tag on it and invite your followers too.

What's up with you? Anything new?



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