Thursday, August 22, 2013

Let's explore the jungle with owls;

"I like this place, and I willingly could waste my time in here " .
When Shakespear wrote that sentence , he had no idea I would use it on my blog to describe my recent obsession about "Forest" .

Yeah , it's true. I am thinking about it day and night . About its darkness, about its smell , about it being that much alive and quiet .
Forest is strong , has every single aspect of life in it . It has the most wonderful textures that has been created by artists , dreamers , lovers till now .
I think forest has the best connection with its organs comparing to others .
It's green ;
It's feed by water , the most precious reason of life .

Most of all it has all these secrets which is dragging me inside . 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Shadi" means happiness

The first year in my primary school I met this girl with huge green (blue? sometimes I think there are orange lines in it too:D ) eyes .
Her name was Shadi (which means happiness in Persian) . She was my very first friend . We had an awesome childhood together . We played , we laughed , we cried over the loss our loved ones . Although we were just kids I knew that bright days are upon us . 

We grew up. Shadi left Iran , our country . She travelled with her family , in different countries . Each summer , she turned back to Iran , we had so much to talk about . We used to review all of our letters that we had sent to eachother during the past year . 

We grew up . We fell in love . Our hearts were broken . We talked about it . We were shoulders to cry for eachother .

We grew up . I remember Shadi wanted to have her own stable , own farm ; She wanted to be a horse whisperer . We watched the movie over and over . We read the book ; She told me all of these amazing things about the horses . I wanted to become an architecture. We used to stay up at nights , during summer , talk about our dreams . About us growing up . I remember we had the biggest dreams , the most open heart when we talked . 

We grew up . Shadi started acting . I started music , then I went to university , studied industrial design . But I wrote . I never gave that up . I took photos . I painted . She focused on her acting . The passion of acting was all about she talked about , in her e-mails , through our chats , phone calls. 
Shadi couldn't come to Iran for couple of years . But I always thought about her . My very first friend . My best friend . All of the thing we shared . All of the summers . Every single moment . There were all in my head , while painting , while writing . 

She came to Iran last year . We could see each other after seven years . I could not believe that after all these years we still know eachother that good. We still talk about our dreams , we still fall in love . We have become completed women who try to find their way into the world. 

Now she is acting in this awesome play , which I was honored to paint a painting for their poster . 

I think after all these years we are only in the begining ; We have so much to do , and I am sure it will turn out to be as awesome as we wish it would be . 

Shadi , I wish you all the best in life . Miss you , 

your friend , 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Anton in Show Business

Rhízōma Productions presents the madcap comedy ANTON IN SHOW BUSINESS by Jane Martin (Winner of the 2001 American Theatre Critics Steinberg New Play Award). A cast of eight talented actresses will take the stage in this production directed by Danka Scepanovic (Out of Gas on Lover's Leap) and workshopped by Danielle Bourgon. Opening August 27th (8pm) and running until Sept. 7th, ANTON IN SHOW BUSINESS will play at Sterling Studio Theatre. 

The story follows three actresses across the footlights, down the rabbit hole and into the strangely familiar Wonderland that is Theatre. As these women pursue their dream of performing Chekhov in Texas, they're whisked through a maelstrom of "good ideas" that offer unique solutions to the Three Sister's need to have life's deeper purpose revealed.

In the tradition of great backstage comedies, ANTON IN SHOW BUSINESS conveys the joys, pains and absurdities of "putting on a play.” Theatre goers and lovers of the stage will particularly enjoy this satire on the theatre. The story engages both characters and the audience in an exploration of the world of Art vs. Business.

"A smart, acerbic crowd pleaser... Simultaneously a love letter and a poison pen letter to the American theatre." - Variety

"Funny, smart, wry and poignant." - Miami Herald

Directed by Danka Scepanovic
Workshopped by Danielle Bourgon

Kirsten Alter
Teresa V Leja
Shadi Shahkhalili
Zerha Leverman
Caroline Millen
Jess Salgueiro
Danka Scepanovic
Melissa Story

August 27th - September 7th
Sterling Studio Theatre - 163 Sterling Road, Toronto

Ticket Prices:
$20 for Adults, $15 for Artists and Students -
Evening Shows at 8pm
$10 Matinees - August 31st & September 7th at 2pm
August 26th PWYC Preview - 8pm

Buy Online:

Painting made by me for Anton in Show Business


Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Sani" ; Story of a challenge

What will make you do something you have not done before? 

This is what happened about us getting a cute little dog for only two months . 

"Sani" was belonged to an Iranian girl , who was a refugee in Turkey . As her documents were ready to fly to United States , for some reason she couldn't bring her dog with her . 

"Sani" changed couple houses in less than a year , we have no idea what she has eaten or how she was treated . 
Me and my boyfriend heard the news and accepted her to live with us for two months until one of our friends take her to United States . 
It's been one months and a half that "Sani" is living with us , and beside happiness and joy she has brought more love with her to our house. 

I never thought I would love a dog this much . I was more a "people" person than an "animal" lover , u know? But seriously I am thinking about getting one . And I have understood the love of my friends towards every single dog that they see just for a moment in the streets . 

I would miss her a lot when she leaves us . 
The only think I can do is to take pictures from her as much as I can . You can follow the photos on my instagram too. 

After bath

With Babak

Love . xo

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