Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Sani" ; Story of a challenge

What will make you do something you have not done before? 

This is what happened about us getting a cute little dog for only two months . 

"Sani" was belonged to an Iranian girl , who was a refugee in Turkey . As her documents were ready to fly to United States , for some reason she couldn't bring her dog with her . 

"Sani" changed couple houses in less than a year , we have no idea what she has eaten or how she was treated . 
Me and my boyfriend heard the news and accepted her to live with us for two months until one of our friends take her to United States . 
It's been one months and a half that "Sani" is living with us , and beside happiness and joy she has brought more love with her to our house. 

I never thought I would love a dog this much . I was more a "people" person than an "animal" lover , u know? But seriously I am thinking about getting one . And I have understood the love of my friends towards every single dog that they see just for a moment in the streets . 

I would miss her a lot when she leaves us . 
The only think I can do is to take pictures from her as much as I can . You can follow the photos on my instagram too. 

After bath

With Babak

Love . xo


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