Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Shadi" means happiness

The first year in my primary school I met this girl with huge green (blue? sometimes I think there are orange lines in it too:D ) eyes .
Her name was Shadi (which means happiness in Persian) . She was my very first friend . We had an awesome childhood together . We played , we laughed , we cried over the loss our loved ones . Although we were just kids I knew that bright days are upon us . 

We grew up. Shadi left Iran , our country . She travelled with her family , in different countries . Each summer , she turned back to Iran , we had so much to talk about . We used to review all of our letters that we had sent to eachother during the past year . 

We grew up . We fell in love . Our hearts were broken . We talked about it . We were shoulders to cry for eachother .

We grew up . I remember Shadi wanted to have her own stable , own farm ; She wanted to be a horse whisperer . We watched the movie over and over . We read the book ; She told me all of these amazing things about the horses . I wanted to become an architecture. We used to stay up at nights , during summer , talk about our dreams . About us growing up . I remember we had the biggest dreams , the most open heart when we talked . 

We grew up . Shadi started acting . I started music , then I went to university , studied industrial design . But I wrote . I never gave that up . I took photos . I painted . She focused on her acting . The passion of acting was all about she talked about , in her e-mails , through our chats , phone calls. 
Shadi couldn't come to Iran for couple of years . But I always thought about her . My very first friend . My best friend . All of the thing we shared . All of the summers . Every single moment . There were all in my head , while painting , while writing . 

She came to Iran last year . We could see each other after seven years . I could not believe that after all these years we still know eachother that good. We still talk about our dreams , we still fall in love . We have become completed women who try to find their way into the world. 

Now she is acting in this awesome play , which I was honored to paint a painting for their poster . 

I think after all these years we are only in the begining ; We have so much to do , and I am sure it will turn out to be as awesome as we wish it would be . 

Shadi , I wish you all the best in life . Miss you , 

your friend , 

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