Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Last days of the year (1392)

I think now that these are the last days of this year (Persian year), I need to write about it.
This year for me was something else, although it does not feel like a whole different year. For me, it seemed like I have been living like this, in this city for hundred years now.

Hundred years of living in Istanbul.

It’s raining here. Pretty much. Days after days and it just don’t stop. My hands are cold. But I am trying to keep them warm by the fire inside my heart.
This year was about big steps for me. Living with B. Starting my full-time job at dreambox. Getting my work permit. Being in Iran for one months. Having long conversation with my mom. Seeing them managing their life without me and Elika, and how lovely they wish the best for us.

I got angry, I was depressed. I became happy, then I turned to be hopeful. It was night again. I heard the sound of protest in the streets of Istanbul. I saw angry faces. I witnessed people gathering n Gezi park.

One of the highlights was Sani. A cute little dog. My very first pet. I decided to foster her for about 2 months, till my friend takes her to America. But these two months changed to 10 months, and now that I am writing, just one day ahead she will be leaving me. I am feeling a very heavy feeling of love and lust on my heart. On one hand I am happy that finally Sani will be with her owners, but on the other hand what about me? 
Will I take a pet in this year? I hope.

I lost a friend this year. Our dear MohammadReza, who went to sleep and never woke up. I was in the office when my mom told me. I didn’t know where to burst my tears. I listen to this whenever I think about him. He really liked this music.

I was pretty much luck to have B beside me the whole year. We laughed. We were mad. We worked. We were wasted on weekends (mostly we weren’t). And at last we are continuing making history together.

I am ending my year with my first session of yoga. I know I may have a long way to go, but I assume I am on the right track. Every day I am trying to take a step forward to self-improvement.

I will add my new year resolution soon. 


P.S . Happy birthday to Jack Kerouac
P.S. These days are full of Ray LaMontagne for me. 

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