Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jādū aura pyāra*

So I have decided to write more often from now on. Cat gave me this motivation to write again. I mean she keeps talking about how much she wants to write and even tries to work with her writing talent, and that reminds me of my oldest blog. I used to write stories, poems. I even remember I took photos for my posts. I think we should try not to forget our passion during years passing by.

Life gets routine. I think lately B is bored of taking care of Maya. As he had accepted the responsibility, I know that he does not nag, but he is. I can see it. I try my best to take part and help him, but my long hours of work in the office is not helping. For example, last night I left office around 7, I went to my yoga class, and at 10:47 I arrived home. I was tired and so relax that I just wanted to sleep. But I didn’t. I cooked. I tried to stay awake and watch a movie with him. In the morning also, I cleaned everywhere that I thought Maya had peed.
I hope I could help a bit.

This was about my daily life in which I try my best to keep up the happy parts and not to get bored of it.

Next thing I want to write about this new life-style that I am experiencing now for nearly six months. I am trying to find some answers in life. Where do I belong? What’s happiness for me? What is my mission in life?
Till now I have reached to some interesting answers. Yoga also has been a huge help to me. For me it’s not just stretching or relaxing. It represents a life-style for me which is respectable for me. Really.

Lately I am thinking about my present moment more than before. I am more hopeful and I am seeing life through another perspective. I am grateful for all the things around me. I try not to get attached to the “situations”. Situations will pass anyway. What remains is a memory. I am trying to keep a good memory of each moment that has passed. Earth seems vast and love does not end for us.

I found the picture from pinterest.

Let’s live for our happiness. Not for situations.

Let’s stretch for life.


*Magic and love


  1. heehee haahaa i tried to read the old blog but it is in farsi!!! :P

    keep writing elina!!! i will see you in 2 weeks definitely. it's a must!

    1. OF course !!!!
      You are so missed in here I just want to leave my job right now.


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