Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Look deeper. Search for the ray of hope!

Hey guys.

Here in Istanbul I am blessed with magic. Believe it or not it’s here. Not in Istanbul only, it’s all around us. U just have to be open to it. You just have to believe it.

Yesterday I was having a very hard day at work. My heart was somewhere else, my mind somewhere else. Two different directions and each of them was trying to pull the other one. I was so damn tired, hopeless and angry.
I went home late at night. I un-rolled my mat on the floor. I sat there. I couldn’t do yoga. I had lost the tempo of my heart beat. I laid. Savasana was there to help me out. After that I put my leg up on the wall and just laid there. Tried to imagine the ocean.

Lately the thought of ocean helps me out.

Today I feel better. Much better. I talked to Gokce. I am so happy I have her after Cat left. Office without her is like a prison, and my chat with Gokce again made me feel like despite you think it’s like a prison, there will be always a light coming along the way.

Good day to you all.

I am going to start sketching and taking photos all over again. And here won’t be just words, words and words. 


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