Tuesday, August 26, 2014



Yesterday I figured out that I had not written my 2014 resolution on my blog, and God I was pissed out. I know that I have written it somewhere else, I just have to find it.

I am far behind my flow with yoga girl challenge. Somehow I am doing it on & off but my mind is with is all the time.
Yesterday theme was Get Shit Done. You had to make a list with all the things you have to do, from clipping your nails, to what to do to be more successful in life for example.
I did it like this. September, Next six month and in my life.
I know what to do in my close future. I can easily make plans for next two month, but as soon as it gets close to a start of a bigger decision I give up.

Yeah. This is my low point.

I have not decided what to do about this university application. I had this huge discussion with B on Saturday night which made me think a lot. Niloo and Shokoofeh also talked to me. Hediyeh did too. I always admire her way of looking at life’s obstacles. She gave me the best resolution. But still have not found a proper time to analyze it.

I remember I named 2014, the year which I will figure out who I am and what I am doing. I came a very long way till I got here in these 8 months. I am sure in the next 4 months I can answer some more questions.
Today’s theme is get fearless. I have to prepare a list of all the things that I am afraid of. And then I have to meditate over them. Find the reason and let it go. Because we are all the strongest by nature.

Love you all.


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