Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How I blog?

Cocorrina asked her readers how they blog. 
She’s one of my favorites! I change my desktop every now and then with her designs, and the interesting thing is that usually her designs go with my daily flow of thoughts! Interesting, nah? I know!

How do I blog?

Let me start like this. If I don’t blog, I write in my journal. And I think writing is one of the things you have to force yourself to do, after sometimes you get so used in it that it becomes like a daily meditation. It helps you to get a better understanding of yourself and also tell you what? YOU will be others inspiration! Yes! For me, one of my inspirations are the ones who keep blogging or posting on instagram, etc. 

My other inspiration is music. If you look at my last.fm, you can see it! Of course beside my Spotify I use 8tracks, grooveshark and jango which is not scrobbling on my last.fm

Tumblr is also an inspiration. For nature I have to say the most! More than everything. My inspiration for writing or creating in nature can be too much that even thinking about it makes me inspired.
I have never ever scheduled my posts. Maybe that’s why sometimes I write too much, and sometimes I don’t.

But I know that the blogs which have their own way of thought, or are creating designs and ideas on daily basis can be more popular and more inspiring. People are inspired by those blogs most of the times.
I mean you have to have a clear theme. Like in life! :) 

Now I am asking you gherties, how do you blog? 

Love Love Love.xo

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