Wednesday, September 3, 2014

And all at once summer collapsed into fall;

Good Morning. Late good morning though.

Before I start anything I want to thank The WHO for Baba O’Reily. I want to shout as hard as I can every single word of it. It’s become the only reason I put my headphones in my ears and take a deep breathe in late summer breeze these days.

Remember before I talked about joy a bit? And today I am joyful. I am grateful for Maya, my cute dog, and for B who stands beside me no matter what!

Change is near for me. And I don’t mean geographically. I mean for me and within me.

I am getting closer and closer to write a letter to my future. I guess I am getting better and better with picturing my fears. My happiness. My fingers are all alive again. Last week, I went to D&R (a bookstore in Istanbul) and bought a Moleskine sketch book. I have started a daily practice of mandalas. I am practicing my meditation much more. Again I am feeling this rush of drawing.

I am so inspired. 

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