Friday, September 5, 2014

Breathe in, Breathe out;

Everyday people are dying around the world and I just get the news. I search their name and read about their life. 

These days I keep thinking about other people. Their problem, their struggles and their feelings. For first time I don’t feel any responsibility towards them, but for first time I understand them. I mean I have come to the point of understanding the changes between people. When someone is stuck in a destructive relationship, or when someone is not happy with how they look, or when the other one cannot decide which aspect of his life means more to him.

I think there are few people who are able to figure out themselves, I think for most of us we have to experience life. And through experience we will learn what matters the most.

I can be happy with simple things. I am not searching for power. I am trying to find peace. It’s peace that pushing me to nature, not to shout, love music and adore walking. It’s peace that motivates me to go on my mat everyday and stretch. When I am doing yoga, I feel that I am paying attention to my body, to all the muscles which have served me nearly 10 years and I didn’t thank them. I think they are all my responsibility, not people around me. My responsibility towards others are with giving them passion. Giving them hope and introduce them their inner body. Their breath.

Every inhalation of the breath prolongs life and every expiration of it gladdens our nature; wherefore every breath confers two benefits and for every benefit gratitude is due.

-Sheikh Muslih-uddin Saadi Shirazi

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