Wednesday, November 12, 2014

One Day;

Yeah. I did start to run again. Actually now that I think I don’t remember why I used to run?
I think it makes it special, like a real desire of the heart. Hm?

Yesterday I came across my 2014 resolution in my journal and I saw that I have done 2/3rd of it without even realizing. And it made me proud.

I put my goal to surf. For that I need to work on my body. Running and yoga is good, but not enough. Besides I am not a good yogi or runner. I have to work much more.

Maya got sick and she seems so weak to me lately. After this weekend I have to spend some time with her. She’s so cute and every day I come to work I miss her so much.

Each day, in the morning that I wake up and I remember that I the night before I went running, I just cannot help it but have the big smile on my face.

What about you?

What made you smile today?

P.S. I found this website by the way, it seems a good place to make your lists.

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