Monday, December 8, 2014

Friday of the months;

Hey everyone,

December is here. As I heard they call it “Friday of the months”; Meaningful, nah?
For me somehow it’s really a big, cloudy Friday!

I had a rough two weeks. There was this fucked up problem with my working visa and no one seemed to care enough to manage it. I was not in charge, otherwise I would do whatever it took to make it right.

Anyway, now it’s all ok. It’s fine now.
But it was like a sudden fist on my face to wake me up. I had to start somewhere. And I was lost. I am lost. But now at least I made a plan. I hope I can stick to it.

I am writing my new year resolution. It’s been one week now that I keep adding stuff into my list. When the time comes I will share it with you guys of course. It has three parts:

-Things to be done
-Things to be bought
-Things to work on

It has spiritual and physical perspective. I mean after all these lists that I have been making on daily basis, of course I get good at making one detailed one for new year.

You can also do it. I made a file in Google Drive, which by the way has a new UI.

Below I am putting the links that these days are making my days: )

For ones who love cooking: 

For ones who want a new playlist these days: 

Also try The National of course! 

Have fun.

Love you all. 

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