Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Safa means pleasing;

Today I saw that Safa has shared one link on my facebook page. You’ve got to read it.

Speaking of Safa, I have to write about her here. I owe it to myself and our friendship.

Safa is Shadi’s sister, my very first friend. I remember before I had written about her.
Now Safa is here, in Istanbul. 
She’s four years younger than me. She’s studying anthropology in Denmark. And she’s been traveling all her life.
She has one of the biggest hearts in the world. She appreciates all the details. She has the cutest laugh and she’s all ears when you are sad.

In these three days, I learned to look more closely at matters in life and appreciate all of it.

I have to go, I have to finish everything and get back home as soon as possible, because tonight she will go backL

You have no idea how grateful I am for having her in my life. 

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