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What happened in 2014?


It’s getting close to the end of this year! Although I still assume Norooz as my new year, but this is another chance to write about my goals!

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This year also I want to list the things that happened to me in 2014. You can also grab a paper and write with me. I wrote some questions, and I thought by answering them I can get a better perspective of how my year passed. And in this way I can really learn from my year.
I will post it after it's finished but I may add something after sometimes as I remember stuff more clearly. 

Questions I am eager to answer

What made me HAPPY in this year?
What made me SAD in this year?
When was I inspired?
When was I hopeless?
What made me cry?
Where did I visit?
What new experience I had?
Any new goals that I set this year for myself? Are they still there? If not, what changed them?
Good moments & bad moments (which you can find in the first couple of sentences)
Could I achieve my 2014 goals?
ॐ Music of the year . 

Here is my answers: (this post will be a hell of a long post!) 

Moments I was HAPPY in 2014 :

When we were on a trip to Kaş.
When we got Maya and every second that she made my life brighter and happier.
When I learned that Babak does not need to go to Beirut. (Never told him though)
When I dyed my hair pink.
When I cut my hair short.
When I started yoga.
When I went to Iran and saw all these friends who love me and miss me!
When I was able to stand in a crow pose for 4 sec!
When my dad sent me our family picture.
When we went dancing with our friends.
When I found my passion for yoga.
When I read the recommendation letter that Samila joon wrote for me.
When we made that stupid rap song with Cat on the rooftop. 
Most of the mornings, weekends or nights that I went out with Babak.
When I found out that Rick Cowley has emailed me.
And couple of not clear moments from the work. 

Moments I was ANGRY or SAD in 2014:

When my mom left after I was sick.
When we sent Sani to her owners to America.
When I realized that Mohammadreza is dead.
The days that I was really hopeless with my working life in DB, which was a LOT.
Each time I checked my bank account and figured out that I cannot support myself on my own.
Moments that somehow I found myself really lonely.
Moments that I missed my friends and needed someone to talk to heart to heart.
Moments I felt useless at work.
All the times that I wanted to leave the office but I had to stay late.
All the times when I missed my yoga class because of my work.
When the weather was rainy, cold and cloudy.
Times that I had fight with Babak.
All the times that I felt as a failure because I have given up art.
Times that I felt not enough.
All the times that I had to search news photos for our presentation at work. And I was sure that war is so close.
All the times that I felt very far from Babak. 
When I was damn tired and could not think or act properly. 

Moments I was INSPIRED in 2014:

Each time I checked yoga_girl social media.
Each time I read these inspirational articles online.
The day that I decided that I will try surfing and I have to prepare my body for it.
The day that Babak told me that my Turkish was good and he had not realized it.
Couple of nights that I went running.
After yoga.
When I found out about Rick Cowley Fyckit list.
When I noticed that even my friends are inspired by my passion towards yoga.
When Babak suggested me to go to Izmir and quit my work here in Istanbul.
When I chose my tattoo (have not done it yet though!) 
While doing "ab challenge" or yoga girl 21 days of challenge. 

Moments I was HOPELESS in 2014:

All the time that I was sure that I am not doing the thing I like.
All the time that I was sure that I don’t know what I like.

Things that made me cry in 2014: 

When Sani left.
When Kobani happened.
Whenever I read something about people having hard time, like war, poverty, etc.
When my mom left.
When I thought about our old house in Tehran.
When I missed my family.
When I thought about the little moments of being in Tehran.
When having fight with Babak, he said something really mean.
When I found out that Alireza's dad is sick.
When I was writing an email to Atlas because of her mom's death. 

Places I see in 2014: 

I went to west and south west of Turkey. Alaçatı, Kaş, İzmir, Selçuk. 

New experiences that I had in 2014: 

Being responsible for a puppy.
Going to yoga.
Starting to think about surfing as I am not a sportive person at all.
Handling a full-time job.
Handling life as an independent person. (It was a lot to take some days)
Flying with fly-sea-bird airplanes.
Getting stuck in an elevator.

Goals that I had in 2014: 

I wanted to apply for MA degree in America, I did not. I might be afraid. I am not sure about it.
I wanted to continue yoga and I did, because I love the life style that yoga brought to my life.
I wanted to go for a run each day. I did not continue it because the weather got freaking cold and rainy.
But I had made this list by the beginning of 2014 and I did 70% of it and I am grateful for that.

Music that was with me through 2014: 

-Follow the sun by Xavier Rudd
-Black as the night by Nahko Bear

What about you?
Do you have any more questions? Write me in the comment box so I add it here and answer it from my behalf.

Love Love Love

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