Friday, January 16, 2015

Sun oh Dear Sun;

Hey hi,

Yeah. Two weeks of January has passed like a click on a camera shutter. And I just wonder.

Weather is still gloomy here in Istanbul, and sure will be for another three months at least. Sometimes I think I may get my tattoo in a shape of a sun, because it’s sun that keeps me warm and alive.
I didn’t have the chance to win a free yoga retreat with isurflife, but I can not even tell you how much I am happy getting to know people like Rick even though it is just through internet and unfortunately he has turned off his social media, and from time to time I think what will I do if I were him?

My very good friend just got married to his boyfriend and I probably can not attend their wedding. This is the second wedding from my friends that I miss, and beside my exhibition 2 years ago I really regret not being there.

I got my visa for two years. This part is done. B has started his own office with two of his friends. I wish them the bests. As he started working I am having hard time handling Maya. Most of the days she has to stay home alone and she gets so bored she does not sleep at night, so me or B have to stay up and play with her. I was never into having child of my own, I always dreamed of adopting three or four child, and I had never thought about being a mom. Don’t panic! I am still the same, but I am getting closer to that sense. I am getting familiar to the sense of responsibility towards someone who needs you. I might be getting closer to adopting. hahah. But still I know that I don’t want to have a child of my own.
As Maya does not sleep properly, I have found a chance to be awake while the sun rises. And God knows when was the last time that I see it coming up. I would be lying if I say I have forgot about my goals on my previous post. Till now I have been yoga and to tell you the truth I can see super mega changes in my body. And I am keeping my promise to my secret mantras. I am glad I put that amount of time for making them.
I think this year is the year to take care of myself and my goals.

I am also seeing these weird dreams lately that keep me thinking.

I will not go to Tehran for Norooz, and it will be a whole year that I have not seen my family, strange, nah?
It is. It really is. I thought I would be tangled not seeing them everyday but I managed it.

Today although I am having a hard day I have a smile in my heart.

Love you all.


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