Friday, January 2, 2015

What I hope to happen in 2015!

It’s the second day of 2015.
I am really happy I wrote about my 2014; it seemed like an extra load on my shoulders that I put down. It seemed like having a general overview of what had happened this year. I was able to see the dark parts much better, were they really dark? Or have I  just assumed that it’s the hard parts!?

Anyway, I started my new year at home, beside B and my dear dear dear Maya! Watching TV, talking, relaxing and I did yoga after 2 weeks. For one complete hour. It was a bless.

I had started to write my 2015 resolutions from couple of days ago & today I finished it. Here I will share it, and by each time that one is done, I will cross them from my list.

Wish you all the bests, and love in the world!

Breathe* :)

☮ Start my website
☮ Start my shop in Etsy, little illustrations :)
☮ Try not to think and talk about worthless matters.
☮ Being more strong physically
☮ Buy a blender and start drinking more juice and smoothies.
☮ Wash Maya’s teeth three times a week (Saturday/Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday)
☮ Do yoga each night at least 30 minutes and mindfulness meditation 10 minutes.
☮ Focusing on core strength and balance in asanas.
☮ Run each day 20 minutes
☮ Join the Haliç Marathon
☮ Start swimming from June.
☮ Learn to surf
☮ Visit at least two places (in or out of Turkey)
☮ Be more calm and tranquil
☮ Be more self-confident
☮ Try to wake up with the sun-rise each day.
☮ Improve my English / Get IELTS
☮ Apply for university
☮ Get my tattoo :D (it’s been in my list for two fucking years now. Haha)
☮ Keep going with my 52 week challenge of Jar!
☮ Spend more time loving people that liking their photos on social media.
☮ Read more books. ☮ Buy glasses ☮ Buy a perfect yoga mat
☮ Make my house more homey and more smart in the usage terms.
☮ Visit Cappadocia.
☮ Buy more plants.
☮ Learn more about the moon.
☮ Do some charity work.

*I learned from a friend to write “Breathe” at the end of emails. When you see it, for one second close your eyes, take a deep breath and be grateful for your being.

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