Monday, April 27, 2015

Joy, love and peace;

I am back to Istanbul.

Cappadocia was awesome. The landscape was breath-taking. All those caves and stones were just so beautiful.
From the second day the weather got better so we could go out and explore the valleys and open air museums around. i will post the photos in flickr shortly.

With Mark and Jessica we walked, talked and laughed. We talked about life, love, death and how amazing life can be. We talked a lot about how I should record this video that I want to send to surf office, at the end we didn’t. When I got back I recorded it on the way to Mina’s house. I sent them last night. Let’s hope for the best. Cat says, “you should not be worried about things you can not control”, and I keep repeating it to myself.

Back to Cappadocia, I met a group of friends and we had such a good time with all of them. It’s really interesting when people come out of their shells and how they share, laugh together.
I really appreciate it.

I am busy right now and can’t write the way I want.

Enjoy the photo below till I share rest of them on flickr:)



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