Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Take it easy;

Tonight I will go to Cappadocia. It’s a city in the mountains in east part of Turkey and it’s famous for its cave houses and balloons.
How surreal.

I still have not got the time to make my movie which I want to send to the Surf Office. Maybe I shoot it in Cappadocia. It’s pretty much cold there though.
Jessica and Mark are still here. Having them around is so much fun and actually I am starting to think I will really miss them when they continue their trip!
They gave me lots of inspiration to pursue my dreams and send lots of energy for the internship :)

These days I am thinking that life really can be very easy when you take it easy. And everything will just come to your way when you just don’t force it. So patience will be the word for May!
Let’s be patient. Let’s love more. Laugh more. And just let’s have fun living our lives, because it can be pretty much easy and lovable.

As I have not posted any photos recently, I will just post one from Kaş, Kaputaş.

Kaş , Kaputaş 

Isn't it just awesome?!

Love you all.xoxo

P.S. It's Earth Day by the way! Let's just think about it today. What can we do and what we should not do?!

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