Wednesday, May 27, 2015

All about my morning rituals;

I used to run back in my home town. I used to put on the scarf and manteaux and I used to run for 30 or 20 minutes or something. It was not very easy, I had to rush home, wash my hair (it was long back then) and then again I was headed to university. The weather was so polluted and the process was so tiring that I quit.

I have a morning rituals now. It’s so special for me. I wake up around 6, I hug my dog which I wish I had more time for it. Then I make tea, I prepare a warm water with a lemon inside and with my dog we go out. We walk a bit. We play more. Then I start running while she gets busy playing with grass or a mosquito J 

Nice image, right? It is. It truly is.
We get back home. I take a shower and have my breakfast and I go to work.

I run with my whole strength. I know that each step will help me to move forward. Each breath will help me to stand on a surf board one day. I get tired though. It’s not like the footages that you see, a wonderful woman running in a sunrise… no! It’s not like that at all. I sweat. I can not breathe sometimes. But I remember my Manipura mantras;

I know who I am.
where I am going in life.
I am confident and powerful.
I am unstoppable.
I am fearless.

I am so grateful and feel blessed with my morning rituals. 

You can follow me on Nike+ , it's truly an amazing app. 

Love Love Love. 


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