Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Inspired by life;

Today is Wednesday;
It’s 10th of June.
It’s been 3 days since B has gone.
It’s been 2 days since I am doing push-ups. My abs hurt like shit.
It’s been 1 months since I do yoga & meditate each night.
It’s 11:00.

I’m so inspired. Not specially for running, or do more yoga, or for art or for cooking… I am just so inspired to live this awesome life. 

I am carrying this pain with me every day around and I respect it. It shows me that I am working, I am one more step nearer to “it”. I don’t know what “it” is but I know “it” worth it.
I don’t feel lonely. I feel strong and oriented. I feel that I have extra hours although I am working more than before. I miss talking. There’s no one around to talk to. I miss talking in Farsi. It seems like vipassana in language. I spend as much time as possible with Maya. She has all the love in the world.

I have got used to the clouds. I dream of sun. It’s not like I am happy on sunny days or whatever… I just need sun for a long time. I want to know that sun will stay forever. Not for a season, or a week or a day. I have to know that it will stay. I want to be sure that each awesome sunset that I witness will bring a beautiful day again with the same sun, with the same warmth over my head.

I am taking everything so slow. It feels right.

I cook more.

I am alive. 

Love you.


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