Wednesday, June 17, 2015

To my heart I must be true;

To my heart I must be true.

I may get this as my first tattoo. What do you think?

B is still in Tehran. I thought I will be really angry with him when he leaves. Because I thought there will be too many thing for me to do, I thought I will not be able to do yoga, I will not find the strength to run everyday. I assumed I will be so stressful everyday.

But it happened the exact opposite!

I did everything that I wanted, maybe more. I have energy to watch my favorite movies at nights. I want to play with Maya all the time. At work, eurgh! At work I am acting like a super woman. And to tell you the truth office has been really busy lately. I cooked most of the nights.
Should it be like this? Shouldn’t it be the opposite?
And I am proud of myself. lol.

I can do it. I can live alone. I can work and handle another human being beside it.
I believe change is near. And whatever it is, I am ready and grateful.

To my heart I must be true and I should not misjudge my instincts.



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