Friday, July 3, 2015

I refuse to give up my wildness;

I have always been wildly indecisive, dipping my hungry limbs into all sorts of hobbies and professions and projects and interests. Not because I'm irresponsible, really, but because my spirit longs to sample each and every patch of life like sips of wine. I've been an artist, and a musician, and a journalist, and a photographer, and an employee, some at the same time, some for a while, some for only a breath. When something isn't the proper fit for me, I honor it, and then gently (and swiftly) let it go. I am forever learning what I love, and, maybe even more importantly, what I don't love. Some folks may see this as quitting, as something that should be shamed, but I think it's so fucking beautiful. It's okay that I'm neither one thing, or the other. I refuse to be bound by boundaries. I refuse to give up my wildness. I promise to always change my mind. I contain multitudes. I am a universe wrapped in skin. And so are you.

Thanks Kristen Hedges for the inspiration. 
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