Friday, October 16, 2015

Jump. Feel the air.


As soon as I saw that Safa has wrote I was like when did I quit writing?

For me fall came without any prelude, like a single note of piano and I got lost in its echo. The sound is still in my head and I am swirling in it. So beautiful.
Days are passing behind my white desk and monitor and thousands of wishes and hope. Days are passing with quick kisses on lips and 20 minutes of walking in park with Maya and a messed up house. 

My friend died. Two months ago and I didn’t know. I am checking my f***ing facebook and I didn’t see it. They showed it on TV and I didn’t see it. My friends changed their photos into a black space but I didn’t see. Yesterday I spent mourning inside for her. One of these days, these simple-behind-the-desk kind of days she smashed her head while jumping from a 20 meter waterfall. I keep imagining the moment that she jumped. For sure she was so excited. For sure it took her just a second. If I close my eyes I can clearly understand what it feels when you jump. You can hear your friends shouting from excitement. Then you jump into the air. It’s all about the flying. Sound of nature. Then you touch the water and that’s it.
For her it was a bit different. For her she could not come out. She was brought out of the water. She had her loved ones crying, … . But still it is so beautiful. So unique. And I believe in death for being unique. Don’t you?

Lately I think about death a lot. It has become real to me. It has become simple for me. And I think it's comforting. Right?

I just want to ask you to close your eyes for 3 minutes. Be quiet and still. Breathe. Be grateful for this lives of ours. 




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