Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An Adventure;

Photo by Derek Sparks
I come back to house. It’s around 5 o’clock. House is quiet but I am happy to see that cute wagging tail in front of me, jumping up and down.
Sunset is close. I can smell the salty water in the house. I pour a cup of coffee, just throw myself on the couch and play with Maya a bit. For nearly one hour I stay like that. Wandering around the house. Preparing Maya’s food.
Time has come. I change. Bathing suits. Surfing suits. My back-pack. I threw it in the truck and I go on my way to the shore. Everyone is there. They have made a fire. Beers. Music. Kisses. Dancing bare-feet.
As I open the door Maya jumps out and runs towards the crowd. I can hear my friends laughing, waving hands at me. I am trying to take out my board off the truck. It's stuck. A stranger comes to help me out. He is cute. I laugh. He laughs. He helps me with my board till near the fire. And that’s it. I lose him in the crowd.
My friends come close. “Give me a beer,” I say.
“Let’s have a snack, one round of waves then comes the beer.” , my friend shouts while she’s running to the dark water.
I am laughing. Fuck the beer. I run after her with my board. And …. the feeling of the water.
It feels like going back home. Water is a bit cold but I enjoy it. I paddle forward following my friend. I can see her ass on the board from distance. I am laughing. She waits. Three of my friends join us. And here we go. The wave is getting close. Hadi! They shout. They’ve learned from me. It means let’s go in Turkish. And we paddle. paddle hard. Here it comes. I jump on the board and .

Best feeling in the whole world. I am standing on a wave. How surreal that is. Huh? My whole energy becomes a big smile on my face and I look at the shore.
I see the cute guy laughing at me while bringing up his beer.
“Cheers!” , he shouts.

I can feel my heart pumping blood into my body. Simple as that. And I fall.

Life can’t get better.


P.S. My writing challenge for this month has started.

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