Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November goes, December comes;

December is here. 

They say December is typically a month of celebration, reflection, generosity and hope. We say goodbye to the 11 months that have flown by and make way for a new year unfolding in front of us. 

If I want to give you an image of my sweet November, imagine me running the each minute of each day. Yeah. Right. We were collecting our documents the whole months. We put an end to November by showing up to TLScontact in Istanbul on 30th of November at 11:30. 

We gave all the documents. It's all finish. Now they have to decide. And we have to wait. 

I can not go back to my hometown yet. I need to stay here (and work) for two more weeks.

I miss doing yoga.

I miss being alone.

I miss running.

I miss drawing.

I miss Iranian traditional music.

I miss my dad's taste of music. And my mom's taste of food.

Still I try my best to find positive side of these days.

Love you all.


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