Saturday, June 25, 2016

Edge of Freshness

Today is Saturday.

And I stayed in. I just could not move from the bed. I could not listen to music. I was not in the mood to talk. Sometimes I have these episodes of loneliness. And it feels great.

It's not all sadness. It's a complex of sadness, stress, inspiration, anger and gratefulness. It's not weird, believe me. But it can be frightening for me.

I have to work on being happy more. I have to work on being independent when it comes to my feelings. No one is responsible for things I feel.

I am at the edge of starting again. I have to start real fresh.

Love you all. 


  1. i am not always fast but i will always be around!!! put all your laughing photos together like i did... and you shall motivate yourself to be happy again because a smiley face always looks better! :*

    1. You are the best, fuck the rest!
      And I miss you so much!


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