Thursday, July 14, 2016

RUNderful life;

I do respect runners deeply . I always have.
Actually I always wanted to be a runner myself. Back in my hometown I tried. Hijab got in the way, pollution wasn't helping either.
So I quit.
I am skinny. I never needed sport for sake of fitness. That's how the whole concept was explained to me when I was a kid. So I didn't go after it.
But I had this vision of a happier me in my mind and running was in it.

I started running a year back in Istanbul. I started on my own and I was about to pick up injury I can tell when NHS podcast was suggested to me.

Now I am running each day.

Running has become daily meditation for me. Everyday after the first 20 minutes of running I need to tell myself, "You can do this", repeatedly! Believe me I found my mantra and silence in running everyday. That's when I can turn the switch of my brain off and let it all go.

*The photo was taken today. I ran yesterday under the showering rain and still my shoes are wet.



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